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Being in your element and fully energised in your career or occupation (if you cannot work) can be for anyone - not just the lucky few or the super 'talented'. You only have one life and your working life can have meaning, purpose and be satisfying - making you healthier, happier and easier to live with!

Have you got


The answer is always YES! Talent is  your potential - it may be quite hidden to you, and you may not realise yet just what you have to offer. Vital Signs can help you find out what gems are hidden inside of you....

What is your


Just as each of us has a unique DNA, so we all have a unique motivational design: our preferences, our interests, what motivates us, inspires us and what keeps up our energy and level of engagement. Vital Signs will help you discover your unique design.




Job satisfaction goes way beyond the pay package, pension plan and holiday allowance. Why spend at least a third of your waking hours working for these when you can find something that really means something to you, where you feel you are making a valuable contribution and that leaves you feeling satisfied! Vital Signs will help steer you into something that will work for you.

healthy choices


Studies show that people who are satisfied in their work or occupation live healthier lives. Vital Signs will equip you to make those choices.

Contact me here to arrange for a free 45 minute chat to find out whether the coaching programme is right for you.

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Mary is a meticulous and inspirational coach who helped me through the process with insight and understanding.  As a result I am more confident in who I am and what makes me tick. I also have words to articulate things about myself objectively. I highly recommend the programme to everyone.


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