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Those needing to make a career change for whatever reasons and at whatever time of life have a number of challenges before them. In addition to the typical financial and security issues, many face fears, lack of confidence and uncertainty about what direction to strike out in.


Informed Decision Making.

Once you know what makes you ‘tick’ you can make informed decisions about the direction you can take in your life – based on what you know about yourself and not what others say about you, nor based on whim or guesswork.


Interviews, applications or (re)training options.

Now you have this understanding you can honestly and accurately describe yourself without feeling unsure, and the pressure to impress! You can also ask intelligent questions about the type of work, the environment,  the role in relation to colleagues, or details about training courses which you can then assess to see how they fit.



It gave me confidence in my abilities… my life makes sense now and I am ready to give my life meaning

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