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Do you know who you are and where God is calling you?

"What was most beneficial about this programme was discovering the fingerprints of God in my life.  Seeing the gifts God gave me and then looking and discovery ways and possibilities of integrating them in the present contexts of life, i.e., looking for His call.  Making peace with what and who God has made me to be as one designed and called by Him.  Learning how to glorify God by accepting who he has made me to be and by enjoying and functioning in those things. " (Brent, Worship leader)


Finding our unique calling as a Christian is one of the hardest things for most Christians to ascertain. Despite books, sermons and well-meaning advice from friends and family we often struggle to hear God’s voice—what is He saying to me? Where is my place in the world and in His service? Am I supposed to just ‘make the best’ of where I am at present and try to be a good witness there, or is there something special God wants me to do?

Many people I meet have ‘fallen’ into their job or career—not (if they are honest) because they felt the call of God to do it, but because they did not at that time know what God was saying.  In the Bible it says: “without vision the people perish”. All Christians are supposed to have vision— and a sense of His unique purpose for them.

Who am I and where am I going?

A Christian Perspective on Calling and Identity (by Mary Scott)

Integration of Faith and Vocation

From "Designed for Life" by Arthur J Miller (Jnr)

Vision and Purpose

Articles by Oswald Chambers

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