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"Fast-track" is a special one-day consultation and offers a reduced coaching programme using parts of the full process in order to gain an overview of the client’s motivational profile and so receive guidance and discuss future options based on information received in this consultation.


This is an option for those who, in the course of their initial free consultation, indicate that they unable to make use of the full package due to financial, time, geographical or other constraints.


"Fast-track" involves one full day (up to a maximum of 7 hours)*.  There will be some preparation work required by the participant before the consultation.


Full package (continuation) option

There is an option, that if after this consultation the client decides they need, after all,  to do the full process,  because more information/consultation is needed, the full process can be resumed at an agreed date. In this case, the full package is completed over two subsequent sessions (max. 3 hours in each), and requires the person to do some more preparation work in advance. In this case, the consultant will be in a position to provide the full paperwork as well as a printed profile.



*Fast-track requires a minimum time commitment of 5 hours on one single day only, and is non-negotiable in terms of content, structure and time commitment.


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