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How is the coaching structured?


Using the structure of S.I.M.A (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), the coaching programme is a mix of sessions with your coach and personal work (in some cases possibly some group work). You will receive a coaching pack to guide you through the process.


The process is normally completed over 4-12 sessions totalling about 12 hours, and is flexible enough to do over short and long periods depending on the needs and current commitments of the individual.


This creates a clear structure and focus, but allows enough flexibility to include your own specific concerns. Between sessions with your coach we ask you to do some personal reflective work. We have found that this is the best way to absorb what you have learned and gain lasting benefit from the coaching sessions

How does the process work?


Together we explore achievements from your life and find patterns which began to emerge in your early years and which have developed ever since. Your coach will then draw up a profile of your motivational patterns based on these and the discussions we have had together.


  •  We look at the areas that interest you,

  • then we look at your circumstances: what triggers your motivation? What keeps it going? What do results mean for you? What kind of environment do you need?

  • we look at your motivated abilities: not just what you can do well, but what you are motivated to do well!

  • we also look at your relationship and optimal role with others. It is not enough to say “I’m a team player” or “a leader” – what kind of leader? Do you like to monitor, do you like to lead from within the group, from out front or even from behind? Do you direct others or manage them? If you like a team, do you like a specific role: a catalyst, a contributor, a motivator, a “coach”?

  • then we look at your motivational drives – those driving forces that underpin all that you do.

  • Once these have been identified and discussed we take time to talk about implications for choices you make in the future, focussing on your personal concerns and aims.


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