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MARY SCOTT  Personal Statement

I am a highly motivated individual, passionate about unearthing and developing potential in others, enabling them to lead productive and fulfilled lives which benefit society as a whole.


I am a strong coordinator and have leadership skills in directing, overseeing and team leading.  I enjoy facilitating and organising and do well in environments where I can work alongside another in a partnership or small group context.


As a certified Coach using the internationally renowned SIMA® methodology since 2005 I had experience with individuals and companies in career/vocational, personal development, and personnel profiling, advice, guidance and counselling. Since 2016 I have been coaching Students at the Forces Media Academy (BFBS)

I am a theatre writer and director and film producer as well as performer and teacher with nearly 20 years’ experience teaching, training and mentoring in the performing arts sector, with age groups ranging from 6 to those in retirement from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. In recent years I have delivered a number of  public talks and seminars.


My work has involved international experience, including Canada, US, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, South America and Australia.



I also have administrative (PA/Event organisation/Office Management) experience spanning over 20 years, in industry sectors such as HR, Medical, Publishing, Finance, Property, Charity, Engineering, Arts, PR, Education .


I possess strong values of authenticity, fairness, harmony and relevance. I have a particular interest in engaging people one on one and in groups, enabling them to recognise their own potential and live it out.


I have strong imaginative abilities, working in concepts and ideas, am intuitive, have strong sensory awareness and a desire to create a healthy and inspiring environment wherever I operate, and I use humour and empathy to achieve this.


I flourish when able to communicate creatively, verbally and in writing. I like to develop my personal expertise and excellence and thereby fulfil my role effectively.


I identify the connections and dynamics of a situation, group or person, and work efficiently.


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