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Youth and Student Advice and Coaching


Based on programmes have been specifically devised by teaching professionals and careers professionals to fit into any school programme and serve as a supplementary service to any existing careers service in schools, I provide a ‘first stop’ for any young person who is struggling to choose what they really want to do.


The young person who undertakes this programme will gain a self-understanding that provides him or her with:


  • Increased confidence and self-worth

  • Career direction and life goals

  • A framework for self knowledge

  • A language used to describe his/her strengths

  • A basis for more informed decision-making for A’Level choices and  study options

  • Insights into future job options

  • Deeper understanding of his/her relationships

  • A clear way of enhancing performance

What happens during the process?

The programme allows for a combination of individual and group work and can be carried out over 4 or 5 intensive sessions (about 2 hours per session) or can be spread out over 10-12 one hour sessions, depending on the individual circumstances or school timetable restrictions.

Session 1-2: An introduction to the programme.

I explain what is involved in the process and look at the coaching pack. We also do some 'ice-breakers' and general discussion to gain trust and confidence. The individual also has a chance to discuss his/her own hopes, concerns and aims.


Session 3-5: The achievement exploration

During this confidential discussion, the young person tells stories about things they felt a sense of achievemnt about in their life,  and we discuss recurring themes and ask questions that will facilitate this.

Session 6-8: Recording motivational key themes

The coach has drawn up the profile and together they look at their profile of motivational themes and discuss them in detail, applying them to life, and exploring relevant issues.

Session 9-12: Looking at now and planning the future

I help the individual to “unravel” the way forward, applying what we have discovered, devising some personal statements and setting out some objectives. The programme closes with the individual looking at the future with confidence. For older students help with CVs, job applications and personal statements is offered, as well as tips on interviewing and applications, referrals to experts on such issues as UCAS applications, et

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