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Many relationship conflicts, whether in the work place, social or domestic arise from an inability to understand and really communicate with one another. The programme shows in detail the individual’s unique ways of operating, which in turn  presupposes that any persons with whom they are engaging will be different!


We will look at these differences,

  • how to reconcile them, and

  • how to learn to accept one another, complement, appreciate one another, and

  • how to enhance balance between one another’s strengths and weaknesses.


Each person's profile not only shows their strengths but we can also look at the weaknesses  – ie. the reverse side of their strengths. The characteristics we all possess have the potential to be positively effective but also to be abused or immaturely operated. We look at these “traps” as well as taking a look at developing areas of our motivation that have been neglected.




It has been very helpful for the staff and company directors to understand more about each other. Cooperation has improved significantly, as has the staff’s level of job satisfaction.

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