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Finding out about what motivates me… what makes me tick and what possible careers I could go into, has been reassuring.


Taking the course was a real eye-opener for me, it helped me crystalize some hunches I had about my motivations and talents, and it revealed others that I just hadn’t recognised but made perfect sense as the ‘jigsaw’ of who I am fell into place.


Focussing on working out who I am now gives me courage for future decisions – to realise my dreams, follow what I’ve had on my heart for so long but always thought I could not do or should not do.


It gave me confidence in my abilities… my life makes sense now and I am ready to give my life meaning.

It helped me focus and explore my skills …. And realise their importance in my life – very helpful


I found the coaching very useful for understanding more of the person I am and the motivational strands which propel me along in life. 


I am more confident in who I am and what makes me tick. I also have words to articulate things about myself objectively, which is helpful in job interviews and other life situations.


 I really enjoyed it and it gave me a wonderful insight into myself. I was able to think about myself and my ways of operating in a totally different light. 


Mary is a meticulous and inspirational coach who helped me through the SIMA process with insight and understanding.


This programme really helped me to open my eyes, realise how I’m motivated and cleared my mind of stress


It was the most practical coaching I have ever had and the after-effects will remain with me for a long time yet.


My new understanding of my motivational design has had a very positive effect on my interpersonal relationships and team work.


It has been very helpful for the staff and company directors to understand more about each other. Cooperation has improved significantly, as has the staff’s level of job satisfaction.


Mary Scott is an excellent Coach… I wish I could  to bring all my friends and colleagues along to get a consultation like this!"



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