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Our Vision

is to impact culture and society through contemporary, relevant and cathartic productions and to equip the coming generations to do the same, by running a Training company based on a Christian ethos.

Why a 'Christian' ethos?

The performing arts industry is a hard and competitive one, and presents huge challenges on the identity and lifestyle for anyone wishing to succeed in the industry and indeed in life! Christianity is founded on compassion and equality, identifying potential and drawing out the best in an individual, giving them purpose for contributing to the wider benefit of themselves, their community and society. 

The following tenets are in the fabric of our ethos:

  • We believe that true success is defined by the qualities of self-discipline, excellence, patience, kindness, goodness, integrity, wisdom and humility. These are the character values we will endeavour to instil into those who come through our doors and so we will equip individuals for a fruitful and satisfying life, regardless of whether they choose to work in the industry afterwards.

  • We welcome and provide expert mentoring and equipping to gifted young people with potential who have mental health, social, behavioural or educational disadvantages, and who are marginalised or have faltered in the education system. 

  • We believe that regardless of their beliefs, God has a purpose for every individual, and those who are called to be artists can have confidence in their calling and will live this out for the benefit of their community and society. 

  • We believe that provision of excellence in performing arts training, as well as individual coaching, mentoring and guidance will equip our students for the rigours and challenges that the performing arts world will demand of them.


  • We believe that those who have vision have life -  and we will provide expert support and guidance for individuals to find their calling and vision for their lives

Our purpose is to

develop - encourage - challenge - bring life - truth - beauty!

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