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TouchPoint's vision is to create and perform quality, original, relevant and redemptive productions, impacting society and culture by the powerful media of theatre, physical theatre, mime and narrative film.

Serving the community and our audiences

We  work in partnership with existing community arts and other projects, collaborating with professionals and artists-in-training on a project by project basis. Intrinsic to our work is to engage and train up promising new talent from the age of 17 and upwards. All performing associates must do some training with our training company CORE Theatre Arts  in order to perform in our productions, in order that they understand our approach and philosophy.

Faces (by Mary Scott) 2007
Mary Scott (Director)
Seeing Grace (film by Mary Scott)
Seeing Grace (film)
Seeing Grace (Play)
Danny Scott in Seeing Grace (play)
Faces (2007)
Desperately Seeking
Faces 2007
Seeing Grace Film
Dresden 2006
Faces 2007
Seeing Grace Film


TouchPoint Productions

TouchPoint productions are all original pieces of theatre, physical theatre and film, written by Mary Scott, and they cover a broad subject matter, designed to deeply touch and challenge our audiences.

Some of the pieces available are described below,

please click on the picture for a synopsis and information:

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All Videos

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Coventry,  UK

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Phoenix Performing Arts Trust

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Feedback and Reviews

We value our audiences' opinions and feedback on our productions. Some are written here.
  • A poignant, realistic and deeply captivating interpretation of the realities that I have witnessed in my own life.

  • A powerful, moving and stirring piece of theatre...”

  •  “...the directing and acting met a veritable challenge head on to portray sexual slavery without making  non-committal allusions, whilst on the other hand avoiding slipping into explicit voyeurism – wonderfully resolved!”

  •  A great performance.

  • Fantastic! Wow!

  • Very, very good, thanks!

  • The whole performance was unforgettable!

  • I‘m totally moved, enthused, overcome and in spite of all that - still full of hope!

  • What was really good was the loosening up of the dramatic composition by way of mime and physical theatre.

  • All in all a great success and a strong statement.

  • You showed very clearly and profoundly the effect of sexual abuse and the repercussions of sexual slavery. You really succeeded in making it realistic and painful without appearing to be excessive and over done.

  • You placed value on professionalism,  valued the wonderful combination of light and sound,  valued the importance of costume which never appeared cliché or overdone.

  • You were able to draw out the actors‘ abilities to portray excellent theatre.

  • You were able to portray so much in dance and mime but without being harsh or causing shame .

Press and media

Press and Media

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