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"Masquerade was borne out of a simple plaster-of-paris mask-making company exercise which provided the catalyst for profoundly deep individual reflection, memories and consideration, I was struck by the irony of the mask actually exposing and revealing what was so desperately trying to stay hidden." (Danny Scott)


Jazz bar and journey, mask and meaning, love and loss, girls and giggles, silence and screams, energy and excitement, tumble together within a cleverly devised kaleidoscope of dynamic physicality, and choreography, an ensemble journey of closeness and separation, kiss-and-tell, hide-and-seek, set against the backdrop of an inspired thumping soundtrack.


Masquerade explores the masks that we all wear in our daily lives and how difficult it can be to throw off our adopted personas and truly be ourselves.


Through a symbiotic banquet of movement, mime, poetry, soliloquy, music, installation and so much more; this, vibrant, dynamic piece explores some of the social constructs that people find themselves in.  'Live' physical motifs explode with corporeal expression whilst recorded voices relay the very physical restriction experienced by the characters modelling for a plaster of paris mask, which later is literally and symbolically removed; reflecting and exposing the feeling of confinement followed by that of intense relief.


A poignant moment that clearly has connotations for the way in which we shroud ourselves in terms that we feel will be acceptable to the outside world whilst imprisoning and suffocating our individuality in the process.


Rich humour, contagious fun and joyful excitement, enhanced all the more by vivid, vibrant, costume, colour and choreography; Masquerade suggests a peek behind the mask as well as offering an invitation to take it off, to stand and to live beyond the mask - beyond the Masquerade.


Photos: Oliver Tellechea

So much passion, so much humour and fun, so powerful, so sensitive and so moving.  Excellent!


Simply Stunning, the ‘shoes’ part was truly superb, very many thanks.


Great commitment by cast and much more full of humour than I had expected.


Excellent, movement, text and visceral expression of the human heart and mind. A very thought provoking piece.


Enjoyed the humour and pathos combined.


Great costume, super concepts, moving, engaging, challenging, beautiful.


Excellent, funny, entertaining and thought provoking.


Professional dance and physical theatre, wonderful choreography a truly great piece of contemporary theatre.


Very thought provoking performance


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