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PointZero Physical Theatre is a dynamic professional physical theatre performing collective and training company. Its style is drawn from a rich and varied background of theatre, physical theatre, dance, mime, poetry and multi media, blending tender issues of sensitivity with raw un-sanitised confrontation.


The PointZero company-collective are passionately dedicated to developing relevant, new and original creative theatre art, devised in rehearsal by the company, ensemble and guests; fostering and refining this work through solid disciplined and focussed preparation, where the fusion of both structured and experimental devising techniques develop into original organic physical action, unravelling an evocative paradox of gritty, hard-hitting physical expression, joyful humour and gentle tenderness, both educating the mind and stimulating the heart.

Repertoire and performances are created through an evolving and inspired improvisation rehearsal process requiring an ensemble of artist-performers to work intimately and intensively together over a solid yet flexible extended period or season on a project-by-project basis.


'PointZero' – stripping back the camouflage, the familiar, comforting-yet-no-longer-relevant props, to boil down to the very essence of our core identity,  to rediscover the core, the heart, the point, and to start (again) from there…

Photos: Isha photography

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