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Mission Statement

  • We believe first and foremost in the value and potential of the individual and endeavour to respect and appreciate each person with equality.

  • We consider it essential to educate and nurture our students, colleagues and clients as completely as possible, within the limits of the time-frame agreed.

  • We are committed therefore to the development of ‘the whole person’ – to foster disciplined growth and personal enhancement, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • We endeavour to make no bias in favour of, or against, colour, race, creed or religion. We aim to offer an equal opportunities programme, as much as is possible in conjunction with our mandate and criteria.

  • We strive to operate and conduct ourselves with professionalism at all times and with a dignity, respect for, and belief in others that is borne out of a Christian word-view.

  • We desire that through the quality of our work and the integrity of our lives, we will offer, present and communicate excellence, inspire creative vision, actively encourage inspiration, helping all concerned in this process to better realise their full potential.


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