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The metamorphosis of feeling

What happens when you feel too much?   What happens when you feel nothing at all?

An interdisciplinary, solo physical-theatre piece, offering a compelling synergy of theatre, spoken text, movement, mime, poetry, film projection and installation.  


Evocative and exquisitely tender, at times both humorous and deeply moving, Numb is a raw, uncompromising journey into the complex labyrinth of human feeling and yearning. Challenge to and celebration of self are harnessed together in a passionate, visceral search for rich, radical and real identity and relief.


Film projection and installation are integral components, presented live during the performance, sometimes superimposed onto screen, other times onto fabric or physical installation, which itself is a combination of structure, symbolism and metaphor.


Overwhelmed by intense feeling - a lot of it aching, confusing, disheartening and excruciatingly painful - the ‘everyman’ character suggests a pact with God or his perceived destiny, asking him to take away only the deeply hurtful, uncomfortable feelings and leave the pleasant comforting feelings intact.  The answered reply is “All, or Nothing - either completely feeling, or completely numb!” - Which would you choose?


Numb opens itself up with a vulnerable incision - an invitation into the costly realm of real joy and feeling, delicately weaving light and darkness, colour and sound into a rich tapestry of contemporary physical theatre which seems to lyrically embody the tragi-beauty of the human soul.


Radiant and disturbing creativity offers a metaphysical impact that perhaps even the sceptical (non-feeling) can identify with beyond just ‘touching-through-a-glove’ and in so doing, ‘throw down the gauntlet’ to fight, accept or reflect on whatever dislocated desire guides each heart towards establishing one’s own sacred space.   


A space where we can embrace, but are not at the mercy of the fierce, sometimes overwhelming  waves of feeling that threaten to crush our identity against the rocks of our own supposed ‘reality’  - trusting that ineffable source compelling us, human-kind, towards freedom from suffering feeling.


Breath, a heartbeat, a ticking clock and a handful of sand…


We earnestly laugh at the sometimes brash, playful, yet delicate humour of the endearing character that is equally bound up, trying to shape and re-shape existence in a driving desire to feel and yet… not feel. 

This is a brilliant physical theatre piece... compelling viewing! (Corporate business woman).


Highly complex… Mesmerising!  (Performing arts student)


At last a genuine ‘multi-media’ production piece where all the different multiple genres serve each other to create one unique performance piece.  Excellent. (Contemporary dance festival organiser).


Very powerful (Digital film consultant).


Extremely dark, melancholy and moody ... but also very humorous and funny ... too. (Contemporary theatre-arts magazine).


The use of the sand and the very strong symbolism was ingenious and because it went way beyond just head-thinking, it cleverly threw us into a world of feeling and not feeling. (International theatre critic).



There was so much humour and laughter in this piece as well as so much sadness and hurt.  A real understanding of human life.  Fantastic! (University lecturer).


In this physical theatre piece, Danny Scott demonstrates his extraordinary skilful mastery and ability in the varied theatre disciplines of mime, acting, movement, poetry and improvisation. A great performance.  (Managing Director of an international Performing arts company).


More audience feedback:


Deeply moving.


An emotional rollercoaster, impressive, moving and profound.


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