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Starting a new Career - Mid Career Consultations - Career Transitions


“It was the best career consultation I have ever had! “


This Coaching Programme is designed to unearth your true potential, how you are motivationally gifted and then practically helps you on the path to job/career satisfaction with a sense of vocation, doing something that has significance and meaning! It is based on the S.I.M.A. Programme, a long established and highly successful method since the late '70s.


This does not involve psychometric or psychological testing, nor questionnaires. The Profile produced for each individual is unique and is practically applied for confident decision making and future career planning.


You have a variety and number of abilities (many feel like a ‘Jack of all Trades…’) but however ‘good’ you are at them, some will leave you cold and uninspired. It focuses on and validates those things which do inspire you!



Taking the course was a real eye-opener for me, it helped me crystallise some hunches I had about my motivations and talents, and it revealed others that I just hadn’t recognised but made perfect sense as the ‘jigsaw’ of who I am fell into place.

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