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"The discovery of my motivations was a significant process that did me a lot of good. The one to one consultations helped me to get out of cul-de-sacs in my own thinking.”


Many people who have been long unemployed, sick, imprisoned or in any disadvantaged position struggle mostly in the area of confidence when it comes to getting back to work or finding new employment. Although many services are provided for training such people, but this coaching programme is invaluable in giving them confidence for the future.


The programme gives you a sense of your unique identity, it validates your long-lost dreams or envisions you with new dreams, unearths your potential and can give you a sense of real hope for the rest of your life.


Focussing on working out who I am now gives me courage for future decisions – to realise my dreams, follow what I’ve had on my heart for so long but always thought I could not do or should not do.

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